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One preschool mother’s mission to find the best online preschool for her daughter...

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

I was on a mission starting in the spring when COVID-19 first began to spread widely to find the best online preschool for my 4-year-old daughter. We all want the best for our children, especially in their youngest, most vulnerable years. The long search was worth the wait when I found Creative Kids Virtual Preschool and Ms. Denise – not to mention Ollie the Crow (Ms. Denise's cute puppet helper)!

I worried about finding a virtual preschool program that would hold my child’s interest. It’s just not the same as in-person learning. My daughter is a bit high energy, and it’s hard to keep her attention sometimes. I was afraid that online pre K would be boring for her.

I searched and looked at I don’t know how many programs. I researched what I should look for and what to pay. My child’s education is priceless, but we are a normal family on a budget, especially with COVID-19 issues to deal with.

I wanted someone with experience but a virtual preschool program that would reach her right here at home, whether she uses it on the laptop in her room or on the computer in our office. I just knew I needed something both educational and fun, with projects and other things to keep my child busy, but learning.

Many of the preschool online learning programs seemed stuffy and too “educational,” if that makes sense – they didn’t make learning fun. To me, that’s a must for our youngest.

I’m now one of hundreds if not thousands of moms of preschool children who have discovered Ms. Denise and wow! What a life saver as we put up with the problems caused by COVID-19. As I said, I tried other online preschool programs and my child was bored. Now, she loves Ms. Denise so much that she asks to do preschool every day. We’d be lost without this program!

As in many families, the proof is on the refrigerator – our fridge is decorated with many of her creations thanks to Ms. Denise’s fun ideas. I don’t think my daughter even realizes she’s doing virtual preschool sometimes. She just has fun and makes cool stuff! She loves to show it off.

I don’t usually expect “something for nothing,” but the free online preschool offered at Creative Kids has been perfect for us. I was afraid for my daughter’s future when it looked like she might miss her first year of preschool because of the pandemic. Ms. Denise’s lessons have made a huge difference in expanding her education beyond what I as a parent can offer.

Her virtual Pre K lessons are thoughtful, interactive, and really well put together, as good as and even better than any others I’ve seen. This is truly like an answered prayer for our family. Even my older children seem a little jealous that my 4-year-old has such a good time learning!

Ms. Denise’s preschool online learning is convenient, with prerecorded lessons that we can use whenever we need them. They’re about 30 minutes long and are fun along with being engaging and educational. As I said, I was afraid that virtual preschool might be boring, but the curriculum that Ms. Denise offers FREE (I still can’t believe it!) is theme based with things my 4-year-old loves, like farms, insects, pets, seasons, community helpers, and dinosaurs, as examples.

She enjoys the hands-on projects and story times with Ms. Denise and songs they all sing with Ollie. They keep her attention, and Ms. Denise really knows how to connect with children. There is just something really special about the way she teaches. She talks to the kids as if they are actually there with her in the same room. She asks lots of questions, giving her preschool students a chance to interact by responding (even though in reality she can’t hear them, of course). My child is enthralled. Ms. Denise is motherly, she’s cool, and she gets excited about things the way my preschooler gets excited, so she connects with the kids on their level, which my daughter absolutely loves!

I have to re-think that old saying that “you get what you pay for,” because this online pre K is excellent – and it really is free! It’s the best virtual preschool I can recommend from personal experience. I can’t thank Ms. Denise enough. I feel I’ve found the best online preschool for my daughter to get her started in her education. Other online preschool programs just don’t measure up to this one. And I know that Ms. Denise really cares because she offers her online preschool curriculum for free. Who else does that?!

I would encourage any parent looking at online preschool programs for their children to try Creative Kids and be prepared to be blown away with Ms. Denise and how much fun their youngster will have learning with her!

Meet Ms. Denise at and be prepared to be impressed! No other free virtual preschool, or paid online preschool program for that matter,

measures up, in my mind!

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